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Best Bow Sight in the Market | An Ultimate Buying Guide 

It doesn’t matter which bow sight you use in archery if you are perfect in your skills, but the best bow sight will indeed lead you toward perfection. Also, this scenario is not valid in every case, as everyone has different skills and capabilities that require the support of a perfect sight to meet their desired level of satisfaction.

No matter at which level you are in your archery journey, here we have something for each of you. So, buckle up your sleeves before we get into this complete guide and stick with us till the end, as you don’t have to roam around to get the information and meet your quest to find the best bow sights.

Best Bow Sights in the Market:  

Despite how pro you are in your hunting skills, the actual game begins when you have to choose from various choices available in the market.

Yes, it isn’t easy to pick anyone, but here we have the top picks that will help you make a well-informed choice for your next best bow sight.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best 5-pin bow sight – Trophy rigid react H5 – 5-pin bow sight
1- Best 5-pin bow sight – Trophy rigid react H5 – 5-pin bow sight

Our Pick2
Best overall Trophy ridge react pro
2- Best overall: Trophy ridge react pro

Best budgeted TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme
3- Best budgeted: TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme

Best digital sight Garmin Xero A1i Pro
4- Best digital sight: Garmin Xero A1i Pro

Best single-pin bow sight HHA tetra single pin
5- Best single-pin bow sight: HHA tetra single pin

Best under $200 CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight
6- Best under $200: CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight.

Best hunting bow sight Trophy Ridge React One Pro
7- Best hunting bow sight: Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Trophy Ridge Best Fix Series Bow sight
8- Trophy Ridge Best Fix Series Bow sight:


1- Best overall: Trophy ridge react pro

Best overall Trophy ridge react pro

Trophy ridge react pro has all the qualities with lots of pros; that’s why it’s at the top of the list. As we have called this the best sight for a bow, we mean it! And why our experts just loved this product is its react technology which helps a pin to adjust at optimal positions automatically.

Not only this, but Trophy Ridge React Pro is also available in both 0.10 and 0.9 pin sizes with bow personalization of color rings for both left and right-handers. However, its easy adjustments make it the best beginner bow sight, primarily if you cannot sight in from longer distances. All you need is to sight in for 20 to 30 yards for the first time; Later, it will get adjusted to 100 yards automatically.


  1. It has the capability of 3rd axis management that will increase its accuracy to hit over longer distances.
  2. The ultra-bright indicators are in it that are suitable for various environmental conditions.
  3. The feature of windage and elevation will let you make easy corrections
  4. Made with one of the best materials – aluminum and steel hardware
  5. An excellent push button feature is in it with exquisite pin lightning technology.


  • Stronger and reliable
  • Can sight up to 30 to 60 yards
  • No need for Allen wrenches
  • No tools are involved in the adjustment


  • Sometimes, you might face the lightning issue as it frequently doesn’t work.

So, for consistent high performances, we strongly recommend this Trophy Ridge React Pro Bow sight. You will get haunt after haunt with its incredibly accurate and consistent sight.

2- Best 5-pin bow sight – Trophy rigid react H5 – 5-pin bow sight

Best 5-pin bow sight – Trophy rigid react H5 – 5-pin bow sight

Imagine shooting longer distances with an accurate position; it sounds fun, right? So, trophy rigid reacts H5 will let you target longer distances with more accuracy and strength. It is among the best archery sight on the market with react technology and 5 pins f 0.19 inches. However, its tool-less adjustments will help you make quick target and hassle-free archery experience

With this 5 pin bow sight, you will not only gain insight faster, but it’s merely impossible to be inaccurate. So, it’s a pretty easy and best bow sight; the only thing that you might suffer from is that they don’t provide any instruction on how to adjust pins, that’s why you might have to take help from YouTube or through other resources on it as you may find it difficult.


  1. The bright horizontal pins of 0.19 inches create a uniqueness that is not in others.
  2. The dual axis management capability will help you aim for the target accurately.
  3. React technology would let you precisely achieve a target of around 50 or 60 yards.
  4. You will need to adjust only 2 pins; the remaining 3 will automatically adjust.
  5. With a bright adjustment feature, one can adjust it from light to colorful sight depending on the shooting conditions. 
  6. Comes up with a feature of surprising 3 adjustments of windage, elevation and pins – respectively. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Ability to sight in at 30 to 60 yards
  • Incredibly adjustable sight movements and pins


  • They have zero instruction on how to adjust the pins

During out testing phase this 5-pin bow sight has provided an incredible ability to sight in with 100% accuracy. This will make you a better shooter daily; also, if you already have shooting capabilities, this bow sight will rock your journey.

3- Best budgeted: TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme

Best budgeted TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme

Truglo Carbon XS Xtreme comes up with the best-ever use of technology for any aspiring bow hunter. It doesnt matter whether you are a beginner or pro level archer; Truglo carbon will serve you the purpose. Not only has this, its budgeted price made it the best pick for you.

The main reason behind making it highly preferable for anyone is that it has an adjustable 2 or 3-axis so that a hunter with hunting capabilities can operate it without any hassle. Primarily, it is one of the best bow sight for beginners looking to start their journey with ultimate ease.

Carbon Xtreme will give you a little bit of everything from mounting bracket elevation. But just like any other bow sight, it has some flaws and points. So, for a better pick, let’s discuss them with their standard features.


  • Centered dot technology is used, making it highly preferable for a broader view.
  • Made with carbon composite, it’s ultra-lightweight, not more than 4.2 ounces.
  • The bright pro pin is not only increasing its durability but will also give you a broader and better view.
  • It comes up with 11 brightness settings that can adjust with any light conditions
  • Feature to sight your aim with a center green dot.


  • pins are easy to adjust
  • lighter in weight and versatile
  • installation and set-up instructions are available on the packaging
  • suitable for skills at any level
  • adjustable light would work in both sunrise and sunset


  • Beginners wouldn’t be able to understand the assembling instructions easily

It doesn’t matter at which level of your hunt journey you are. We strongly recommend using this site as it has a little bit of everything you need to properly sight. With that, it has more bow-hunting features than ever before that could make it your go-to sight in no time.

4- Best digital sight: Garmin Xero A1i Pro

Best digital sight Garmin Xero A1i Pro

As digital sights are gaining popularity because of their more comprehensive range of features, it would be completely unfair if we don’t talk about Garmin Xero A1 pro’s best digital bow sight. Though it’s expensive, the qualities he has in it would be worth the cost.

As the name suggests, a digital sight, so it means it will work digitally, and all you have to do is press a button that will be attached in front of a bow grip, and that’s it a dot will appear on the screen, which will let you know where and what you are going to target. With this unique technology, you can hunt on an interval of 10 yards.

So, this digital bow sight customization options are relatively unmatchable others don’t have. Whereas not only the pin sizes and types, but you can also customize its shooting range; this unique feature is the most common reason people spend on it.


  • The digital sight would automatically measure the distance.
  • A quick detaching unique feature will let you detach anywhere and anytime. You can separate it anywhere and at any time.
  • The dual-color LED pins will let you aim your target more clearly.
  • It comes up with a feature to choose an aiming dot as per your choice, either green or red.
  • It will only be operated with a touch button – placed at the top of the grip.


  • Installing instructions are completely available on the menu
  • Dynamic leveling information is available right next to the pin.
  • No need to worry whether either shot is focused or on level or not.


  • Highly expensive
  • Heavier than a regular sight
  • The advanced technology used in it can be challenging to tackle.

So, it could be the best choice for you, but before using it, you need to take permission from the state – in case certain states don’t allow it and have some restrictions on its usage.

5- Best single-pin bow sight: HHA tetra single pin

Best single-pin bow sight HHA tetra single pin

When all these benefits come together, the accuracy, versatility, durability, and clear sight picture will become the best archery sight, and the HHA Tetra single-pin bow sight is the only option where you will get all these abilities and features in a single deal. Furthermore, it is a total toll-less bow sight. All you need is to make one-time adjustment and can freely put the wrench away.

In their two decades of technology, HHA is serving the bow hunters with their lightweight sights available in the market and he knows best the needs of a hunter. Our experts considered the windage adjustments a fantastic feature to get deadly accurate shots on the range, making it s one of the best archery bow hunting sights on the list.


  • Comes up with 2, 3rd axis adjustments
  • With an infinite adjustment bar, you would be able to reach the maximum distance
  • Available for both left and right-handed persons – no more worries
  • Option to get a pin of either 0.010 or 0.019 – the choice is yours


  • No need for tools for adjustments
  • Once mounted to your bow, you will need just minor changes
  • User-friendly adjustment knobs
  • The diall-in process will be much more accessible than ever before
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Sometimes, it wouldn’t work best for those who have better eyesight.

Though, it’s not a disadvantage as it has a lens kit that would make 40 yards as 20 yards and a person with better eyesight could consider it a flaw. Otherwise, it’s the best-ever product as it has all the qualities a hunter can wish for with zero cons.

6- Best under $200: CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight

Best under $200 CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight

Are you a budget-oriented person and looking for a solution to how you can also get it? Well, no more worries, as the CBE CX5 is here with its best features for just $200.

It can adjust the axis around 2 and 3rd, which is what every archer needs. With that, it has an exceptionally lightweight facility – around 9 ounces. If it’s light, it doesn’t mean it’s not durable. It is! There is no compromise on quality.

Also, the relatively easy-to-sight capability makes it a popular choice; you need to adjust the elevation and windage as per your choice and with the help of moving clicks. Also, the fiber optic pins are designed in such a way as to transmit the light easily.

Let’s discuss all those factors (features, pros and cons) which make it the best-budgeted choice compared to others.


  • It comes up with 4 alignment rings, which will already install, and red, yellow, and gray will be interchangeable.
  • Specifically assembled for the right-hander, but can be easily converted into left-handed operations.
  • Comes up with second and third-axis adjustments
  • Pins of 0.19 would be there so that low light conditions would be no more worries.
  • 5 pins housing


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to change the color of rings
  • Lightweight
  • With a dovetail, setting a distance would be easy
  • Fully ambidextrous (right-handers)


  • Not able to target long range

So, getting a 5-pin sight for a bow under such a reasonable price is worth it. It would be best to try, as you won’t get a better option than this for under $200.

7- Best hunting bow sight: Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Best hunting bow sight Trophy Ridge React One Pro

The search quest of every quiver for the best hunting bow sight ends as ridge reacts, one pro dovetail sight is a widely recognized sight for hunters.

The high-quality material, ultra-bright pins and the capability of third-axis adjustment make it a better choice and the best option for every haunt enthusiast. The durable stainless steel and hardware material make it highly lightweight. Also as it works on batteries, so before using it, you need to ensure that they are fully charged.

So, let’s discuss some of the key features of this best archery hunting sight and know what makes it a preferable choice for every hunter or archer.


  • The rheostat light feature will let you adjust the lighting according to your choice.
  • You can cover longer distances with the help of triple-axis management
  • Made with aluminum and stainless steel
  • An automatic pin adjustment feature would save your time
  • Comes up with 10 custom sight tapes
  • Advanced tool-less adjustment feature making the corrections easy


  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Strengthen accuracy
  • Favorable for various environmental situations
  • Able to target 60 yards
  • Multiple accessible to adjusted pins


  • Light may not work sometimes

We recommend using this product with 7 pins as it will drastically increase your shooting accuracy and help you not miss the chance of haunt. With that, ridge dovetail sights are undoubtedly a well-known choice for all hunting lovers as it has all the capabilities that could make them your priority choice.

8- Trophy Ridge Best Fix Series Bow sight:

Trophy Ridge Best Fix Series Bow sight

Fixed pin sights always work best whenever you want to hunt. And for this Trophy ridge fix 5 pin bow sight remains the best archery bow sight. It has micro-adjustable pins that will help you achieve the ultimate accuracy level at all ranges. Although it is a fixed 5-pin bow sight, but its pins are still micro-adjustable.

With it, the ultra-bright pins of this best fixed pin bow sight are made with a fiber optic that will make the bow sight highly adjustable to any lighting conditions. Moreover, the built-in Rheostat light will help match the pin brightness with shooting conditions. The pins were easily adjustable in our testing phase because the alan tool is attached at the top or inside, making the sight adjustment easy.


  • You can choose from 5, 3, or 7 pins constructions
  • The feature of the second axis makes it the accurate choice for covering longer distances
  • With the Rheostat light, you will be able to adjust the brightness with any shooting conditions
  • It comes up with pin adjustment tools and a pre-charged battery
  • Made with strong and durable aluminum


  • Ultra bright pins
  • Easily adjustable
  • Micro adjustment of each pin is possible


  • Only for right-hander

The fix series of Trophy ridge offers one of the best trophy ridge bow sight that would work best if you want to take your bow shooting precision to the next level. Its adjustable pins, delicate features, and accuracy on longer shots make it a preferable choice. And we recommend for this money you can’t beat the performance.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right One?

Wait! this is not it; here we will state the top 5 factors you need to consider before choosing among the best bow sights.

So, read them carefully and make a well-informed choice for your next purchase.

1- Pin Size:

Pin size is the most crucial factor that needs to be considered on priority basis. Remember a best sight for a bow will always be available in various pin sizes varies from 0.19, 0.29, and 0.10 inches. And of course, you are not going to choose between these sizes randomly; there are two factors involved: larger pin size and smaller size. So, let’s find out briefly the difference between them and how it works.

  • A smaller pin size would work best when you are aiming short range distance; meanwhile, with a larger pin size, you would be able to meet long distances.
  • So, the thumb rule is that the smaller the pin, the more precise your aim is. However, smaller pin sizes offer smaller dots that could work best as they will have less room to transmit energy, resulting in better and more accurate aiming.

So, while you are getting a best sight for a bow, think of your aiming target where you want to hit with that eyesight and choose the best pin size.

2-Pin Type:

Yes, the bow sights have specific types, and among them, the most famous are single pins or multiple pins; the one you will get for yourself needs to answer as both have pros and cons.

  • Undoubtedly, multi-pin sights are famous among bow hunters, and of course, the reason behind this is that the acquisition of the yard will be much easier. Imagine you just saw something to hunt, and your pin is all set to track the animal – it seems like a call dial where you already know whom to call when in an emergency.
  • However, still, there are chances that in the emergency, you will use the wrong pin, and that’s the point where a single type pin is helpful where you have only one plug to target; without any ambiguity, aim. Meanwhile, the multiple pin type bow sight could take a longer time to adjust the bow until the deer you want to haunt can run away.

So, while choosing; one must consider these pin types in mind as they would substantially impact your aim.

3- Types of Bow Sights:

Since we are talking about the pin sizes and types, you would be amazed to know that are also certain types of bow sights – if you are a beginner. So, leaving them while choosing the right one would be unfair.

It is essential to consider whether a bow is fixed or moveable.    

  • Fixed bow sights have 3 to 5 pins, or even 7 could be available that you can set according to the distance. The most important benefit of having a fixed bow sight is your nails will always be ready to hunt, whereas a fixed sight bow means you can hit only limited distances.
  • Moveable pins have only one pin; as the name suggests, you can move according to the shooting position. The most important benefit of having these means is reducing the chances of using the wrong pin.

Good to know: Digital bow sights are comparatively new in the market. That’s why they are more expensive but have more advanced features. A Digital built-in laser is used in it so that you can get perfect and accurate distancing. With that, the capability of being highly customizable makes it highly preferable to use in competitions.


Well, it is often overlooked, but like any other factor, the quality measures also matter.

Commonly, bow sights are made of aluminum, whereas the head is made of stainless steel, and a combo of these two makes a sight much more durable, which is its ultimate purpose. Also, using these two would make it the light way, which won’t lay down your bow, and you will feel comfortable in it.

So, while getting any of the bow sights, make sure that it is made up of these two materials only to ensure the quality check.


Last but not least is leveling off a product. And any sight of a bow is useless if it doesn’t provide leveling that can always vary depending on where you want to shoot, either trees or want to hit across the mountains.

Just think that if your arrow is not leveled to the earth, would you be able to hit wherever you want? Of course, that’s not why leveling always matters.

So, best bow sights must have a built-in level that is highly helpful to dial in and fine-tune your shots. With that, ensure you get only those who provide multi-axis levels that will help you quickly identify whether you are on point.

Good to know: all sights don’t have this feature, and it’s ok to not have it, but if you want to aim ideally, then you need to make sure to choose one that has a perfect level.


What do the pins on bow sight mean?

Having pins on a bow sight means you can adjust your bow hunting range to your desire. If a bow sight has 6 pins, it can hunt 15, 20, or 25 yards because you have more chances to set the pins up to the needed distance.
So, the thumb rule of bow sight pins is the more pins, the better the opportunity for aiming distance.

Can you get the replacement pins; if they are lost?

If you had lost any pins and are now worried about where to get them, would you be able to get them or not? Probably, you do not need to worry as you can get a new one.
Contact customer support, and they will probably send you new ones only after investigating.

How much should you invest in a bow sight?

Well, it entirely depends on your budget because if a bow sight is expensive, it doesn’t mean it has better quality. Your needs will decide whether it’s good for you, whether you spend much or not.
An economically priced sight could give you much better results than the expensive ones.

What type of bow sight is best for you as a beginner?

A general rule for all beginners is to use a fixed bow sight as it would help you to aim with more confidence, despite having fewer abilities.

Can bow sight be adjusted?

Yes! You can adjust bow sights in any way. Most of the sights have an Allen wrench in it that would help you to move and change it with ease.

What does bow sight mean?

A bow sight is a device mounted at the top of your bow, which would ultimately help you to aim your arrow ideally – especially at a distance.
Though it’s possible to shoot without a bow sight, it isn’t easy.


Since you are here with us till the end, we are supposed to think that you might have chosen the best one for you as we had stated the various options for each of you. If not! Don’t worry. Here we have the top 3 quick picks to help you make an easy decision.

  1. Trophy ridge react pro is a top pick if you want to respond to technology with more bow personalization options.
  2. If you are budget-oriented, TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme is the best option, as it has a little bit of everything you need to get in a bow sight at a very reasonable rate.
  3. Want to shoot with 100% accuracy? Choose the best trophy ridge react H5 – 5 pin bow sight, mathematically impossible to shoot inaccurately.

So, whatever you choose between them, check each product’s specifications more deeply to make your purchase more effective. We recommend working on your shooting form or tune before investing in the best bow sight.