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5 Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Archers

As an archer, you are totally relying on your gear. Once you have good kits, you can hit at any range. Initially, it would be best if you had a sight that is suitable for you. You had decided to get the best single pin bow sight? Right! Of course, yes that’s why you landed up there. 

One gets easily confused because of too many options available. So we are here to help you select the best single-pin sight. We will provide brief details on a few best sights so you can easily choose one from them according to your requirements.

Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Following are the best, budget-friendly, and accurate single-pin bow sights, highly recommended by us.

1. Trophy Ridge Single Pin Alpha React Sight

Trophy Ridge Single Pin Alpha React Sight

It’s an inverted V-Shape that guides your eyes to the target so you can aim at it. Moreover, its unique shape prevents body parts from touching the sight pin. This bow is most appealing because it is made of aluminum. 

Another best part of this sight is that after adjustment of two yardages, the remaining yardages are automatically centered. You can make windage and elevation corrections without using any tool. 

You can easily increase your accuracy with the help of second and third-axis leveling. Integrated knobs are used for longer or more severe angle adjustments. Rheostat light is available to adjust brightness for any shooting scenario.

Using this sight, you can sight in at 20 yards which goes up to 60 yards. Here you can also mount a quiver to this sight. This product is for right-hand archers.


  • After only two yardages of adjustment, the sight of the remaining pin automatically uses the latest technology.
  • Accuracy can be increased using second and third-axis leveling.
  • Integrated knobs help in making adjustments.
  • The brightness level can be set for any shooting condition using rheostat light.
  • Budget Friendly


  • It is for right handers
  • Installation guide not available

2. TRUGLO Single-Pin Range Rover Movable Bow Sight

TRUGLO Single-Pin Range Rover Movable Bow Sight

This sight provides a good deal as it is budget-friendly and high-performance. All of its pins are made up of metal. Maximum yardage settings can be obtained by adjusting the yardage stop.

Three adjustment levels are available, and each group provides a finer adjustment of shots. This bow sight is for both right-handers and left-handers. It is an extra-long sight wrapped in fiber. 

Moreover, we can make any adjustment single-handedly. On top of it, you can add a scope lens of 1.87 inches on the sight housing. A removable rheostat light is also available in this awesome product. Toolless adjustment of pins is also a plus here. Quivers can be easily mounted on the bracket.


  • Budget-friendly and high performance
  • It is for both right and left-handers
  • Metal pins
  • Three different adjustment levels


  • The scope lens is not included in this package.

3. Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide Single Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide Single Pin Bow Sight

Trophy ridge has a vast range of single or multi-pin bow sights. They are known for the quality of their products. 

This one is a unique A-shaped product that allows you to aim at your target. It is also made up of metal. Unobstructed view, the killing feature of this sight allows your dominant eye to focus on your target through it.  

The shooting range starts at 20 yards and could easily be maximized using an extended slider. For difficult bow setups, quiver mounting hardware is available. This bow sight is best for right-handed archers.


  • An unobstructed view helps in aiming at the target
  • An extended slider can maximize the shooting range. 
  • Availability of quiver mounting hardware
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only for right handers
  • Installation guide missing

4. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Single Pin Bow Sight 

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Single Pin Bow Sight 

An extra efficient and high-performance aluminum sight, but a little expensive because of its durability features. The good news is that it also does not require any tools for adjustments. You can easily make elevation and windage adjustments. 

Moreover, it’s HRD (Hardened rail design) increases its durability. This sight is also preferred for right-handers. It has a micro-adjustable second and third axis. Yardage knobs are easy to use, unlike other bows. The color of the single-pin fiber optic is green. 

In case your bow is powerful, and you want to zero it, then you need to visit the manufacturer’s website to custom enter your specs to achieve accurate zeroing.


  • HRD feature increases durability
  • Micro-adjustable second and third-axis
  • Windage and elevation adjustments without tool
  • Long range sight
  • Yardage Knob is easy to use


  • Expensive Option
  • Only for right handers
  • It can not be easy to zero in

5.CBE Tactic Hybrid Single Pin Bow Sight

CBE Tactic Hybrid Single Pin Bow Sight

A little expensive sight with some good features too. A horizontal pin in this sight improves the light flow and lets you easily see your level indicator. It has large engraved markings. Moreover, this sight is for both right and left-handed archers. 

Multi-positioning mounting holes are one of the best features. A floating pin could be adjusted using a rapid stop. The fiber management system is activated for the brightening of pins. Pins adjustment becomes easier because of laser-marked hashes. 

Sight scales and rheostat lights are the other hot features. This sight is available in 1-pin or 3-pin housing. Moreover, you can make 1-axis and 2-axis adjustments.


  • Horizontal pin improves the flow of light
  • Large engraved markings
  • Multi-positioning marking holes
  • Fiber management system
  • Availability in 1-pin or 3-pin housing


  • Sight light illegal in some states
  • The small yardage adjustment knob is too small


What are the three axis of a bow sight?

First axis refers to the level of mounting. Second axis is in relation to the sight head and pin. The third axis refers to the pitch of the sight head.

Are Truglo bow sights good or not?

This sight is known as a beginners’ sight. It is easy to mount and adjust. Second and third axis adjustability is a plus.

What are the four main parts of an arrow?

Shaft, fletching, nock and the arrow points are the four major parts of an arrow.

How to remove a spot hogg pin?

You can easily remove the old pin by loosing the wrap screws.

The Bottom Line – Which one is the Best Single Pin Bow Sight to Buy?

Here we go with the most difficult part of buying anything: selecting one from the many available. The first thing you are going to consider is your budget. Keeping your budget in mind will help you choose your product in your range.

The second thing is the requirement. What type of bow are you looking for, and what is the size of the bow? Quality of sight and accuracy.

Moreover, if you are looking for a budget-friendly product, you can choose from trophy ridge single pin or Truglo single pin. But if you have an excessive budget and afford a premium product, then CBE tactic hybrid single-pin bow sight is recommended for a better experience.

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