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Best 3 Pin Bow Sight | Top 5 Picks for Archery at Any level

As an archer, there comes a moment when you are tired of a single-pin bow sight, and you decide to switch to a 3 pin bow sight. If you have decided to do the same, then you are moving one step ahead in your journey, and this guide is for you.

Three-pin sight allows you to adjust your sight housing pins with a 10-yardage interval. That’s why the difficult task for you is to select the best 3 pin bow sight which falls under your budget and is of higher quality.

We are here to help you choose a 3-pin sight that is best for you and budget friendly too. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best 3 Pin Bow Sight

Keeping in mind the efficiency, durability, and adjustment of pins, we have found the 5 best 3-pin sights for you. 

1. Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Bow Sight (Hotwire)

Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Bow Sight (Hotwire)

If you have decided to buy a 3 pin bow sight which means you are looking for more flexibility, accuracy, shot range and speed. So, how can someone forget to talk about trophy ridge sights?

They offer a complete package but are a little expensive too.

With the fiber optic pins of this sight you will find easy and human-friendly adjustment, so that your finger remains out of danger. Moreover, it includes a backup light to aim at your target in darkness.

Hot Features:

  • Three .019’ Fiber optic pins
  • 2 pins are for a fixed short distance
  • 3rd pin is for longer distance
  • Adjustment of the third pin through a knob (keyless adjustment)
  • Much accurate at severe angles through second-axis leveling
  • A Rheostat light as a backup for aiming at your target in dusk conditions
  • Windage and elevation adjustment through pin adjustment tool


  • Fiber optic pins
  • Longer distance adjustment pin(3rd one)
  • Second axis leveling
  • Windage and elevation adjustment 


  • A little bit expensive
  • Dovetail mount missing

2. Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Joker Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge 3-Pin Joker Bow Sight

One of the cheapest bow sights with decent features seems like a joke. But it’s not a joke but a reality. Its name, ‘JOKER, ‘ is a game changer as it offers three horizontal fiber optic pins.

With trophy ridge 3 pin joker sight you would get the most reliable tool to aim at the target accurately. Moreover, you can achieve precision quickly using this sight. 

It offers almost the same features as an expensive bow sight. Luckily instead of plastic, we usually aspect in this price segment. Aluminum is used in the manufacturing of this sight.

Hot Features:

  • Three .019″ horizontal ultra-bright fiber optic pins for enhanced visibility 
  • Reversible mount design so it could be used by either right or left handers
  • Shots are appropriately aligned because of precision installed bubble level
  • For more flexibility, multiple mount holes are available
  • Quicker sight acquisition using green hood accent


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Reversible mount design
  • Multiple mount holes for ultimate flexibility
  • Made with aluminum
  • Ultra bright fiber optic pins


  • Screws Issue
  • Allen wrench is too small

3. Trophy Ridge Fix Series 3-Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series 3-Pin Bow Sight

Talking about bow sights, how could we rule the trophy ridge out of this competition? They are always up for every challenge and rising high in the market. The Fix Series is much famous among archers.

The main focus of buying a 3-pin bow sight is to get windage and elevation adjustment. No wonder this feature is available in this price segment as well. Nonetheless, rheostat light is also available in this sight. 

Moreover, there is no 3rd axis adjustment, but we got a dovetail mount instead. So it’s an even-Steven kind of scenario.

Hot Features:

  • No wonders with Three .019″ fiber optic pins
  • Micro Adjustable pins
  • Dependable precision
  • Adjustable rheostat light for any shooting condition
  • Pin adjustment tools included 
  • Second axis Leveling
  • A green hood accent ring also had in it


  • Windage and elevation adjustments
  • Dovetail mount
  • Adjustable rheostat light
  • Second axis leveling
  • Three batteries for rheostat light included


  • Only for right-handers
  • No third-axis leveling

4. TOPOINT 3 Pin Bow Sight (ARCHERY)


In mid-range sight, topoint is always the best option, and it’s not wrong to say the best value for money in the 3-pin bow sight segment. Like in other brands, we got windage and elevation adjustment. Here we have that feature too.

Surprisingly this sight is also made with aluminum and is easy to use. More area of the target could be seen through it because of its larger size.

Hot Feature:

  • Three 0.029″ multi-color fiber optic pins( Red, Green)
  • Two vertical bars for leveling
  • Adjustable for both right or left-handed archers
  • 3/32 inch Allen wrench required for windage and elevations adjustment
  • Use of Aluminum 6061-T6 for fiber optics protection from damage 
  • The shake test passed, so stability assured
  • It’s a universal bow sight


  • 0.029″ multi-colored pins
  • It’s for both right and left-handers
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 Protection
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Not compatible with a dovetail bar
  • Not Micro-adjustable

5. TRUGLO Storm G2 3 Pin Bow Sight

TRUGLO Storm G2 3 Pin Bow Sight

Once again Truglo series is messing with competitors in the mid-range segment with the new Storm G2 Series. It is one of the latest generations of Storm bow sights—including a wide adjustment range in this series.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced archer; this sight is suitable for all. What else can we expect from Truglo as this sight falls under the $50 price segment?

Hot Features:

  • Latest generation storm series with the modern look
  • Improved styling on the aircraft-grade aluminum mounting bracket
  • Unique Pro Bright Pin design for maximum brightness and durability
  • Adjustable for right or left-handed archers
  • Large circular field of view
  • The diameter of the aperture is 2.”
  • High visibility
  • Supports TG3013B Light
  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • .019″ Fiber-wrapped pins increase its durability
  • Automatically glows in the dark shooter’s ring


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum mount bracket
  • Unique Pro bright Pin Design
  • Larger field of view
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Below $50
  • Vibration-dampening insert
  • Glows in dark shooter ring
  • Fiber-wrapped pins for maximum durability


  • You need to buy light separately 
  • It does not include 2 sizes of Allen wrenches

Choosing the Best 3 Pin Bow Sight:

Still wondering which one is the best 3 pin bow sight and in your budget? Well, no more worries as we are here to give you a wrap up of all these products so that you could make a perfect choice.

  • If you are a budget oriented person then we recommend using Trophy Ridge joker series, Topoint 3 pin bow sight or a Truglo Storm G2. With this budgeted price of $40 to 50, you won’t get the better option than these. Although you must have to compromise in some areas as these pics will provide good value-for-money sights. 
  • Moreover, if you don’t want to compromise on any area and want to hunt accurately then Trophy Ridge Fixed Series or Trophy Ridge Hot Wire are top pics for you. With an ultimate value of around $130. 

Now it’s easier for you to decide which is in your budget and has more features, right? Before ending up, we must say if you are a beginner, we must recommend you to go for Trophy Ridge Joker or Truglo Storm G2.

As you stick with us till the end, we hope you got your best pic and are now ready to make your archery journey more exciting with the 3 pin bow sight

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