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Top 7 Best Bow Sights Under $100 | Guide for Shooters

As a shooter, you always wish to upgrade your gear. Modern gears are always the best choice when you try to aim at your target with maximum accuracy and precision. While upgrading your bow, the main issue most people face is budget. So here in this guide, we recommend some best bow sight options under $100.

As all the sights which we are going to review in this article are below $100 but it doesn’t mean there would be a compromise on quality. They all come up with exciting eye-catching features at a very reasonable price. Now let’s talk about them directly without making any hustle.

Best Bow Sights Under $100:

If you have searched for the best bow sight under 100 dollars, definitely you are here for some great and budget-friendly options. Don’t worry you are on the right path. After reading this guide, we assure you that you will easily find the sight of your choice in your 100 dollars budget. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it and find out your best bow sight under 100. 

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sights (Best for Hunting)

Whenever some new or experienced archer decides to buy a sight, the first brand name that comes to their mind is Trophy Ridge. They are known for their quality and budget-friendly premium gadgets.

Fix Series is one of the best premium and budget-friendly bow sight series under $100 which is available in all three Variants (i.e., 3-pins, 5-pins, 7pins)

The incredible feature of this fix series is that all variants come with a dovetail mount. Whereas, a dovetails mount brings a smaller sight picture to be moved further away from the riser, reducing the chance of errors.

Key Features:

  • Micro-adjustable pins help lose the screw and allow turning the dial to move the pins slightly.
  • Visibility increases with ultra-bright .019” fiber optics pins
  • Second, Axis Levelling allows accuracy at a higher level or over longer distances
  • Rheostat light is available and can be adjusted for any shooting condition
  • Tool-Less adjustment with a knob in the housing


  • Best for Hunting
  • Second axis leveling
  • Green hood accent ring
  • Rheostat light for low light conditions


  • For right-handers only
  • The vertical axis is not painted

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight (Best 5 Pin Bow Sight Under $100)

This Series is mainly known for its reversible mount design, which allows it to be used by both left and right-handers. Except for this Series, most trophy ridge series are only for right-handers. There are also some offset mounting holes that will add more customization opportunities. Moreover, it’s .019 inches fiber optic and ultra-bright pins will help you get more visibility, especially if you are a multi-pin bow sight lover. Trophy Ridge is among the best bow 5 pin bow sights under $100.

The Premium look of the Volt 5 pin gives a better hands-on experience, and the features of this bow sight under a $100 price are just superb. Furthermore, the design is reversible, making the bow sight equally accessible for both left and right-handed archer’s.

Key Features:

  • Five ultra-bright pins of .019” for extended visibility even in low light
  • Offset mounting holes allow adjusting sight either up or down, in or out of the riser
  • Precision installed bubble level is used to verify right or left misses in our shot
  • Availability of Green hood accent for quicker sight acquisition
  • Comes up with windage and elevations adjustment via laser-etched
  • Rheostat light for low-light shooting
  • The vibration Reduction feature enabled


  • Offset Mounting holes
  • Precision Installed bubble level
  • Quicker Sight Acquisition
  • Vibration Reduction feature


  • Allen wrenches quality is low

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Bow Sight with Vertical Pin( With HITMAN Stabilizer)

Trophy Ridge Pursuit is in irreversible mount design. But no need to worry as it is available for both right and left-handers separately. Most hype innovative feature of this site is its phenomenal performance on a low budget of $100.

Adjustment of pins is so smooth in this sight like never before. Qualities of all expensive sights are available in this sight which makes this sight one of the best bow sight options under $100.

Key Features:

  • Vertical pins provide ultra-precise adjustments
  • Derlin bushings on this site create smooth and quiet movement with no metal contact.
  • Brightness level is adjustable for any shooting condition because of Rheostat light.
  • You can quickly achieve accuracy in low lights with glo indicator pins
  • A clear view of the target
  • Fine-tuning of shots with the help of Adjustable launcher arms
  • Slider is smooth and works well


  • Ultra-precise adjustments
  • Derlin bushings for smooth and quiet movement
  • Glo indicator pins
  • Adjustable launcher arms
  • Modern Sight with Trophy Ridge HITMAN STABILIZER for stability improvement


  • Required a couple of Allen tools for adjustments
  • User Manual is missing

Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight (Best Overall)

This multi-pin sight is engineered to provide an unobstructed view. It is available in two variants: Left and right. This site also lacks an irreversible mount design, but luckily you can buy this sight for both-handed shooters separately. 

As it’s a multi-pin sight, it indirectly increases our yardage range, so it’s a plus. Moreover, peak series also offer the latest technology, which adds more spark to it.

Key Features:

  • Ballistix Copolymer System keeps the weight of the sight low and reduces vibration.
  • Advanced micro clickable features allow elevation and windage adjustment without any tool.
  • Ultra-bright pins that increase visibility in low light and improve accuracy
  • Glow ring strengthens accuracy in changing lights.
  • Rheostat light is also available for any shooting conditions
  • Best sight for hunters


  • Ballistix Copolymer System
  • Advanced Micro-click feature
  • Glow ring 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust


  • User Manual missing

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight (Best Single Pin)

One must find a way to rule trophy ridge out of competition as they are working hard on all of their available Series to provide more features at less price. Trophy ridge drive slider is one of their latest single-pin sights with some good features.

Without thinking twice, many hunters choose this sight as it provides them with all features that an expensive sight provides but on a low budget. With that the drive slider features give smooth and silent adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Limitless pin settings
  • Quickly narrow in your target with ultra-bright 0.029” large pin
  • Allows ultra-precise adjustments for any uncertain shooting conditions through an adjustable indicator pin
  • Here we have Nylon bushings instead of derlin, but it still creates smooth and no metal-to-metal contact.
  • Shots could be appropriately aligned using a precision-installed bubble level.
  • Glo indicator tape helps in achieving accuracy in low-light conditions
  • Included sight light provides enough amount of light to see each pin


  • Limitless pin setting
  • Adjustable indicator pin
  • Nylon Bushings 
  • Installed bubble level
  • Glo indicator tape


  • Durability issues

Trophy Ridge React H4 Bow Sight (Best Value For Money)

React Series always makes the trophy ridge proud as this Series is highly in demand. And their H4 is one of the best 4-pin sights in the market. However, this sight is also the best ever bow sight under $100 in the 4-pins category.

Lighter in weight and provides excellent shooting speed. Rheostat light is a bonus in this sight as its price is low, but the company still manages to keep rheostat light with it.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly shoots at 195 to 330 feet per second
  • You only need to adjust 2 pins; the rest can be automatically adjusted by reacting technology. 
  • Easy adjustments of windage and elevation without any keys
  • Second-axis leveling allows you to improve accuracy at longer distances
  • Ballistix CoPolymer construction reduces vibration
  • Pin adjustment can be made through the Allen wrench


  • Premium shooting range 
  • React technology for adjustment of pins
  • First and second-axis leveling via integrated knobs
  • Less vibration
  • Allen wrench for pin adjustment


  • Only for right-handers
  • Switching the bracket for more adjustments

Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin (Best Single Pin Bow Sight Under 100)

The alpha slide is one of the most demanding single-pin sights with a unique A-shaped design. Most beginners use this sight, but many professionals, too, are currently using it. Surprisingly, the shooting range for this single-pin sight starts from 20 yards, and the extended slider will help you maximize this range.

Made of aluminum, and weight is on the lighter side. Easy to install and adjustment is relatively easy. It is a single-pin sight with a unique angular shape that will help you draw and maintain your eyes more effectively on the target. So, if you prefer using 1-pin sight, Trophy Ridge Alpha slide is one of the best single-pin bow sights under 100.

Key Features:

  • As the design is A-shaped, the pin here is also angular-shaped and provides a clear view of our target.
  • Extension of the slider allows you to increase your shooting range which usually starts from 20 yardages.
  • Delran bushings provide smooth and no metal-to-metal contact
  • Quiver mounting for holding arrows in complex bow setup


  • Unique Angular shaped pin
  • Extension slider
  • Delran bushings
  • Quiver mounting


  • Only for right-handers
  • User Manual missing 

Final Thoughts – Which one is best:

Now you have reached the point where some conclusive marks need to be added for better understanding and selection of your sight. As too many options are available, you might need help choosing one. So let us take the privilege to help you out in finding which one remains the best bow sight under 100 dollars.

  • If you are looking for a multi-pin sight with multiple pin variations, then we recommend the Trophy ridge fixed Series, as it is budget-friendly and has more features.
  • For beginners, we recommend the trophy ridge alpha slider as it’s a single pin with some good mid-range premium features.
  • We recommend trophy ridge Peak 5 pin for hunters looking for a sight with lightweight and elevation adjustment.

So as we have summarized it for you and provided you with our sincere suggestion and our testing phase essentials. Now you can decide which bow sight is best for you among the 7 mentioned above. 

In case you are still confused, there is no need to worry; we are here to help you. Just write your query in the comment section, and we will be there for you.

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