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5 Best Bow Sights for Beginners – Accuracy Made Possible!

Every hunter can imagine how challenging it is to choose the best bow sight; even experts can face this issue. So, if you are a beginner and searching for the best beginner bow sight because it is an essential piece of equipment for beginners and if chosen right, it will make your journey easy; otherwise, you will face hard times hitting your target.

That’s why with so many choices and different models available in the market, it’s challenging to decide where to start from, but if you landed up there, read on as here we have the top 5 best bow sights for every beginner hunter to hit over longer and accurate distances.

1-IQ Micro 5-pin Bow Sight for Beginner

IQ micro 5-pin bow sight is one of the best compound bow sights, which is suitable for both right and left-handed people that beginners can use. Almost every sight comes up with a rheostat or low light feature, but IQ micro 5-pin bow sight also has retina technology, its unique features.

With this retina react technology, you could shoot longer distances with little or the slightest anchor point change. Moreover, it’s always challenging for a beginner to set up the aim and level with the retina, but once you are done with its anchor point and wrist adjustments, you can shoot quickly.

IQ micro beginner bow sight, you would also be able to shoot from a treestand or a flat ground, that’s why a beginner could get nearly accurate shots. With the help of tool-free adjustment, you can adjust the windage and elevation knobs without any tool or Allen key – which means you can move the pins up or down as per your choice but with ease.


  • Fiber optics pins included in it that would not only increase the durability of sight but also the accuracy of shots over longer distances
  • It comes up with a wide range of 3, 5, or 7 pins.
  • It has tool-free adjustments so that you can adjust it up to your point without hassle.
  • Retina lock technology would let the beginner shoot accurately.
  • Cover both shorter or longer distances but works best for more extended range


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Easier pin adjustments
  • Suitable for both beginners and long shooters
  • The design is well-built and sturdy


  • Windage adjustments or knobs could cause the vibration

2-TRUGLO Range Rover PRO 1-Pin LED Bow Sight

Want to hunt early in the morning? Truglo range rover is there as it’s made with superior material that would keep the sight warm and would prevent it from fog means the lesser chances of missing the target within your choice.

Truglo range rover works for both left and right-handed shooters. It has a green center dot technology that would help you aim during a broader field view. Due to this, it’s a fantastic combination of rifle or archery with which you would get superior accuracy.

Tool-less adjustment of the Truglo Range Rover beginner bow sight and the glow-in-the-dark ring would let you shoot instantly on a large field.


  • Adjustable LED with 11 brightness settings to match your desired lightening condition
  • Tool-less adjustments mean no need for Allen keys, and now you can shoot without any hassle
  • Its updated bracket design makes it compatible with all other bow sights available in the market
  • You can also get the sight housing with a 1.87 inches lens, which can be purchased separately
  • It comes up with a lens cover
  • A pro dot in it would let you consider the aiming point conveniently


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Clear and visible dot
  • Bright LED light
  • Can shoot up to 60 yards


  • No clear installation instruction
  • Sight screws become loose

3-IQ Pro Hunter Beginner Bow Sight

IQ Pro Hunter premium bow sight has all the qualities that a hunter or archer is looking for. You can take your shoots to the next level with retina lock adjustment. That’s why it could be a preferable choice for a beginner because all they need to do is wrist adjustments to shoot accurately.

With this sight, a beginner can also confidently increase their aiming distancing. The incredible quality of this pin is that it has two fixed pins to shoot over longer and shorter distances. Once you gain enough accuracy over shorter distances, you can increase the target using the same sight and won’t need to buy another one.


  • Made with aluminum
  • It has 0.19 inches of pins so that you can get clarity and accuracy both in a single shot
  • No need to keep the Allen key as it has tool-less adjustments
  • It comes up with 2 and 3-axis adjustability to hit over longer distances


  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Tool-less adjustments pins


  • none

4-Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight

Almost every beginner would face the problem of shaking a little while shooting here. Trophy ridge reacts with a solution as they keep themselves updated and innovative.

Trophy ridge react H5 has a Ballistic copolymer coating that will help you to get the stability with accuracy and ultimately would reduce shaking. Especially if you are a complete beginner, then we recommend using this sight.

Not only this, but it also has a rheostat light that would help you adjust the light with any lighting conditions. Moreover, the toolless windage and elevation adjustments would let you hit the target accurately by focusing on what matters the most.

It’s often said that this is the most accurate bow sight, so considering yourself as a beginner or aiming for the first time, you can hope to reach the nearest actual shot. Surely, Trophy ridge will make you a better shooter day by day.


  • Offers 5 horizontal 0.19 inches fiber optic pins
  • It has an innovative react technology
  • Dual axis adjustment for longer distances
  • Extreme accuracy up to 60 yards
  • The react technology will automatically adjust the pins
  • Necessary mounting hardware is included in it


  • Easy to set up
  • Could get a target shot of up to 60 yards
  • Super bright pins
  • Able to shoot in any light conditions
  • Could hit longer distances with a clear view


  • You would feel the stem slightly short

5-Trophy ridge pursuit vertical Bow Sight

It’s an all-rounder bow sight that will work best, especially if you need a single pin sight, which is a preferable pin choice for every beginner.

With the rheostat and glow indicator, you can maintain the light conditions up to your choice. Moreover, its Delrin bushing would let you avoid metal-to-metal connection to create relatively smooth movements.

Its third axis adjustability feature effectively ensures hitting the target with accuracy.


  • Rheostat lights are included in it so that you can adjust the lightning conditions up to your choice
  • Glow indicator pins would help you to maintain accuracy
  • It comes up with 0.19 inches of fiber optic pins
  • Available for both left and right-handed people


  • Easy to use and accurate
  • Super bright pins
  • Made with aluminum, so super sturdy
  • Visible glow-in-the-dark ring


  • Sight tapes are missing from it
  • Have to get Allen keys as it doesn’t offer toolless adjustments


What is the Advantage of Retina Lock?

Sometimes, your bow sight pins say that you are on target, but this is only occasionally true. Here retina lock technology comes up as it will help you to align every shoot perfectly.
You place the dot before the shot that will identify the slightest torque which you may have. And correcting this archer point would let you extend your accuracy rate.

How to Use Retina Lock?

Setting up a retina lock is an extra step before using it.
To set up the retina lock, you can follow the instructions menu provided with the sight. In short, using the Allen wrenches and mounting hardware can place it directly over the sight. Just make sure they are tightened all the way.

What are the 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustments?

Second and third-axis adjustments show precision and accuracy, whereas the third-axis adjustments indicate higher chances of getting longer shots.

Do you need to get a bow sight?

It is ultimately your choice whether you want to get it, but we recommend getting it, especially if you are a beginner. Some archers or hunters prefer using something other than a bow sight as they are primarily in love with traditional hunting, but there is no harm in getting it too. It would help a beginner to aim at the target accurately.


Ultimately, the choice of a bow sight depends on personal preference. But, if you are still confused, we recommend using IQ bow sights either pro hunter or 5-pin as you are a beginner. Their retina lock technology with the capability of 3rd-axis adjustments would let you target with more confidence. Somehow you would also get the target.

Above-motioned all-bow sights are excellent choices and will serve you well in the field. So, whatever sight you choose, remember your comfort is the key. Moreover, always practice with a bow and sight so that you’re ready to make the shot when it comes time to aim at that big buck.

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