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Archery For Beginners | All You Need to Know

Archery For Beginners

If you are a beginner in archery or thinking to kick start your new hobby, then you are at the right place. We understand how confused people can get when starting off the archery game. They wonder about the types of bows, which bow size will suit them, what archery equipment they’ll need, how to practise archery etc. We have got you covered in this article on “archery for beginners”. 

Types of archery: 

First things first, every beginner archer should know the type of archery for beginners so that you’ll be able to know which will grab your interest and you’ll look for the tools accordingly.

So, here are some of the most common types of archery.

Target archery:

This is the type of archery that beginners learn to start first. In this archery, a target is placed on a flat surface at a specified distance and shooters have to shoot a number of arrows to hit right on the target. This type of archery is the easiest to practise.

Field and 3D archery: 

If you enjoy outdoor games, then field archery is the best for you. Its course is organised outdoors, maybe on hiking trails or other rough trails. The targets are of different types and different sizes and placed at different distances, so the archers have to be aware of what they are shooting. 

Flight archery:

Flight archery requires no target. It’s about shooting an arrow over as distant a place as possible. It requires playing in a very spacious area.

Clout archery:

This archery is the oldest version of archery, used mainly to train the military. The target, which is usually a flag placed on a stick,  is placed 160 metres from the standing position. 

Basic Archery Equipments:

Now you must be wondering what tools you’ll need to have as a beginner for archery. Well, there is a list of equipment you’ll have to buy to start off. They are not very expensive and can easily be purchased from your nearby store or throw in any other online store.


You’ll need to get your preferred type of bow to begin archery. The two most common types are recurve bow and compound bow. 

Recurve bow: 

This is the most simple kind of bow that most archery beginners start using first. It is commonly used in the Olympic games. It has a top limb and a curve at the bottom.

Compound bow:

Used by mostly target shooters or players, these bows work on cams, which are the wheels holding the drawstring, and string systems. They are popular among bow hunters because of their accuracy and fast speed.  


Arrows can vary from material to material. They could be of aluminium, carbon, or wood. You must look for the stiffness and length of an arrow before buying it. It must be stiff and not too short. Because a short arrow will fall off the arrow rest when you try to draw it. 

Arm guard:

The arm guard is placed between the elbow and wrist of the arm holding a bow. Its purpose is to protect the arm from getting bruised from the string and prevent your clothes from getting stuck in the string. 


A quiver is basically an arrow holder. The side quiver is wrapped around the waist while the ground quiver is put onto the ground. 

Bow stand:

It is used to hold the bow when it’s not in use. 

Bow sight:

A bow sight is used to improve the vision of an archer while aiming and helps you improve your shots to hit on the right target. Some bows come with bow sights but usually, you have to buy a new one.


A target is made up of a face, which is made up of reinforced paper. A boss, which is usually made up of rubber or straws to stop the arrows safely, and a stand that holds both of them together.

How to Get a Right Sized Bow? 

So we have talked about the tools that you’ll need as a beginner in archery, let’s talk about the measurements you need to take into account while buying the right sized bow for yourself. For this you need to consider two main measurements while buying a bow. First is draw length and second is draw weight. 

Draw length: 

It is the distance up to which you can pull your bowstring back. People have different draw lengths based on their heights. You can measure yours in two ways.

  1. Approach a bow tech and ask him to take your measurements with the help of a tool called “ draw length indicator shaft”. It is a long tool having measurements on it. 
  1. Do it yourself by measuring your height in inches and dividing by 2.5. Whatever measurement is calculated in inches, buy a bow of that size. It is considered to be an accurate way of taking the right measurement.

Draw weight:

Draw weight is measured in pounds. It determines how hard it is to pull the string back. The bow with a draw weight of 10 pounds will be easy to pull back, while the bows with a draw weight of 50 or above will require so much effort to pull back and shoot. 

How to Nock An Arrow: 

To knock an arrow means getting ready to shoot by placing the arrow against the bowstring. An arrow is set against a nock locator. 

  • Grab an arrow by the fletching and hold it there.
  • In order to avoid any mishaps, aim your bow directed at the ground.
  • Fit the arrow into the arrow rest.
  • Insert the arrow’s nock into the bowstring. Pay special attention to the sound of the click.
  • Be cautious since if the arrow isn’t correctly fixed, it could accidentally discharge in the other direction than where you intended.

How to Shoot a Bow:

Now that you have become aware of how to prepare your arrows, you are all set to shoot. Irrespective of the bow type, the main steps are the same.

  • Take a position.
  • Draw an arrow
  • Seize the bowstring
  • Draw your bow
  • Find an anchor point
  • Take an aim
  • Fire now

Closing Thoughts For Archery For Beginners

So, as we have stated, a beginner archer needs to know some important points. Now, you can get a quick start on your journey. Archery for beginners is all about practice. The more you practise, the more you will become a pro. 

The Key takeaway from today’s guide on archery for beginners includes four main archery types: Target, field, clout and 3D archery. Next, we have stated some of the basic tools you need to buy as a beginner archer that will help you take your archery to the next level. After selecting the right tool and type of archery, a beginner needs to choose the right-sized bow, which can be taken by considering the right draw weight and length. Afterwards, nocking an arrow and shooting will be beginners’ key points in an archery journey.

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