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Types of Bow Sight – Archery Bow Sights | The Ultimate Guide

How about enhancing your archery skills? Yes, it is great because each archer aims to take their game to the next level. And by using the best types of bow sight you can boost your skills as it could help you ensure greater accuracy.

It seems very complex to understand that there are different types of bow sights that contain different levels and axes to hit accurate targets. Well, no more complexity as here we are going to state all you need to know for this.

So, stick with us until the end, as this guide will help you to hone your archery skills.

Types of Bow Sights:

Before jumping in towards any other information, you must first understand its types. 

So, bow sights have different variations in their types but are mainly divided into two primary sights: a single pin and a multi or fixed pin. And to get to know which one you should use, you need to know more about these two types.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1-Single Pin sights:

As the name suggests, “Single Pin sights” means it will have a single moveable pin in the sight ring that could help you to focus on the target point. Without any argument, this is the best choice for all those bow hunters or archers who want an aiming reference, irrespective of distance.

So, the entire system of sight is called sight housing, and the sight housing in a single pin sight allows you to adjust a distance in only a few seconds by simply moving the pointer. 

Moreover, in a single pin sight, yardage marks also have ranges of points (10 to 100) – presented on the white tape. 

For your ease, we have also stated some pros and cons. 

Pros :

  • Provides an uncluttered sight picture that doesn’t obstruct the target.
  • Provides To-the-yard adjustability
  • and precise aiming, you can achieve the exact target easily by adjusting the sight pin by the slider
  • No pin gaping


  • You cannot re-adjust the sight without first letting it down.
  • Quick yardage changes need more practice
  • It could take more time to get to the full draw

So, in short, every user has as many choices as he wishes in a single pin sight because this sight is not fixed. For example, if you want to hit a target from 40 or 60 yards, you can easily adjust the target points with the help of yardage marks.

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2- Multi-Pin Sights

Multi Pin sights are a popular choice of hunters as it comprises 3 to 5 individual pins. Where the pins are distributed in different distances and yardage variations. So, the upper pin shows the closest distance and the lowers for the longer distances.

Moreover, with a multi-pin sight, you can easily achieve a target regardless of the distance, as you have vast options for targeting. 

For example, if the archer uses a multi-sight of four pins, he can independently set the aiming target at 20,30,40, or 50. That’s interesting! But for better understanding, we have stated some pros and cons.


  • You can make Quick adjustments
  • Simplicity in using


  • Make unclear your targeted view
  • Create Confusion on what pin to use

Well, after knowing the difference, you might get confused about which one is better than them. Is it either a single or multi-pin bow sight? 

Both have some pluses and minuses that could help you make a well-informed choice. But usually, a single-pin sight is always preferable if you are a beginner, and a multi-pin sight is best for intermediates, experts, or those who want to level up their skill.

Tips for a Better Bow Sighting:

So, here we have some tips for you that will help you use an archery bow sight and accurately aim a target, as promised.

  1. Sight adjustment of a single pin sight is easy as it has only one aiming point. So, you can focus on your target easily, and if your arrows are not hitting according to your target, you can move a single pin up or down for various reasons. 
  2. For perfect hunting, you can also use sight tape. This tape would provide you with yardage marks and guides about sight movements. Moreover, you can change your tape whenever you change your arrows or sights. 
  3. With a multi-pin sight, you can hit multiple directions as you can independently move your sight. If you want to hit on top, then move it up with the help of a knob. For horizontal adjustments, you have another knob or screw for moving your sight housing left or right. Do practice a lot to get more accuracy.
  4. With that, you can also adjust the fixed pin sight by loosening the knob and moving it in any direction you want. Most people like to have their pin about 20 yards. You can easily adjust the inside scope housing; Whether it has three or five pins does not matter.
  5. You can hit a group of arrows up, down, left, right, middle, or in any direction. Whether you are in bow hunting, target archery, or a 3d archery field. It depends on how your sight works and your interest in shooting.


How to adjust sight bow levels?

For leveling your bow sight, focus on three axes. The first one, the primary axis, helps you align your sight bar. The second one maintains your sight level. The third axis levels the sight for shooting up and downward.

What is a better way to use archery with bow sights?

Relax before practicing and decide on the aiming target. Stand at a 90-degree angle to get better accuracy. Grip your bow properly, as well as maintain your natural feel.

Are all types of bow sights the same?

You can use any archery bow sight. Each sight is a little bit different. But their working and inside housing adjustments are the same. You can comfortably adjust every sight.

Why do we use bow sight lights?

Adding light into your sight can help you in different low-lighting situations. You could be under the shade of a tree in the late evening, or ambient light surrounds you, then you can use it. Most sight makers will have their light, but if they don’t, there are kits with different-sized tubes to fit in your sight.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, choosing the best type of bow sight plays a special role in taking your skill to the top level; choose whatever is better for you. Remember, whether you use a single or multi-pin bow sight, both will increase the chance of accuracy, but a well-informed decision always matters.

Hopefully, this guide has created some value in yours, and you will have the answer to all your concerns, but if still left unanswered. Do write in the comment section below. 

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