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3 Best Archery Target Sight | Our Top Picks

You have become very familiar with bow sight and have intermediate knowledge of it. After trying bow hunting, shooting, and targeting objects, you have decided to go into the field of target shooting. Now the main problem you may face is finding the best target archery sight. 

If you have the same issue, then we have good news. This article will solve this problem for you, and you can easily pick the right sight after reading this hero-building article. 

Best Archery Target Sight

Without further delay, we will share the list of sights we have chosen for this purpose. So here they are:

  1. CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin – Best Overall
  2. IQ Micro 5-pin Bow sight – Budget friendly
  3. HHA Sports Optimizer Lite – Best Accurate

The above three archery target sights are the best ones available in the market now, we have utilized them for daily use, and the output was quite decent. Nothing is perfect, but the one closer to perfection is the right choice. We have written down a detailed review of these 3 sights, including their key features, pros, and cons. 

Ultimately, we will share the sight we currently use for this purpose, so don’t go anywhere and stick with us. Let’s dive into the detailed review now.

CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin

CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin

It is one of the best sights available for archers who love archery. The best thing about this sight is its razor-thin design, and you can’t ignore this fact. Known as a hybrid because it can be used as a fixed three-pin sight. For the hybrid feature, we suggest it for both newbies and experts.

The brightness adjustment feature allows you to add more light to your pins in low-lighting conditions. It is super easy to use and always hits the target right. What else can we expect from such an amazing sight? 

Key Features

  • Three 0.010 ultra-bright micro-adjustable blade-style pins
  • Hybrid elevation adjustments to slide the pin up or down
  • Easy adjustment of 2nd and third axis 
  • Amazing windage adjustment by moving the pin left or right with clicks
  • Adjustable dovetail mounting allows you to slide the bar of the bow mount into the mount and tighten it with a screw or knob.
  • A quiver for holding arrows
  • Rheostat light for sight to use in low light conditions


  • Durable and accurate
  • Easy to carry as it is lightweight
  • Super thin design
  • Brighter pins for low-lighting environment


  • The price is a little higher

IQ Micro 5-pin Bow sight

IQ Micro 5-pin Bow sight Best Archery Target Sight

IQ sights always try to produce products with good features at low price. But the IQ Micro 5-pin sight takes this game to the next level as it is extra durable and light because it is made with aluminum. A lighter-weight trick is always a good thing, as many archers like it, adding more balance to their shots.

IQ Micro 5-pin is a super bright and thin pin blade sight that helps you to declutter your sight picture when you adjust a pin on a far-off target. There are toolless micro-adjustments for wind and elevation, and you can easily customize it with other mods. “No more frustration carrying Allen wrenches” — The game is over here.

Key Features

  • Five 0.019 fiber optic thinner-bladed pin construction for enhanced accuracy and durability.
  • Made with aluminum for top performance and precision adjustment.
  • Retina lock alignment technology is one of the best systems to use with or without a peep sight.
  • Windage and elevation adjustments through dials and knobs.
  • The latest pin system will automatically close pin gaps for fine-tuning individual pins for ultimate precision.
  • Shot-to-shot accuracy with optimally sized round pin housing
  • Easily hit a long distance range with good fiber optic pins
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis leveling, which is best for 3D archery.


  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Longer distance covering pins
  • Small pin covering
  • Terina lock alignment technology
  • Automatically adjust the closer pins
  • Windage and elevation adjustments using knobs
  • Amazing precision and accuracy


  • A short dovetail bar can overlap with a peep sight.


HHA Sports Optimizer Lite 

 HHA Sports Optimizer Lite 

When we talk about accuracy, how can we leave HHA Sports without mentioning it? This sight is easy to dial and has a scope housing that works fine. It comes in different pin variants, so you have multiple options to choose from. You can easily dial in your shot from a good distance using a mountable magnifier modification. 

Moreover, your mistakes get easily identified in the magnifier, which is not an offense but will help you become a much better archer.Most of our crew members have reported that they have noticed excellent illumination with their pins. 

On the contrary, there is an option to adjust the brightness level easily. Pins are ultra vibrant and produce the expected glare. So, it’s a plus here for this sight, as glare is a common design flaw among other similarly priced sights. 

Key Features

  • Design first, as it is a unique wheel-forward design, ideal for single-piece quivers
  • Sight tape magnifier allows you to adjust your pin for shots to ¼ yard
  • Ultra-precision with precision machined brass rack, with zero chance of error
  • Wheels are interchangeable to allow you to quick changes between multiple arrows or different draw weights


  • Unique, versatile wheel forward design
  • Durability is unmatched 
  • Easy adjustment of pin brightness levels
  • Super accuracy of ¼ yard
  • Easy to use and maneuver


  • Single pin sometimes is difficult to manage

The Best Archery Target Sight for you

Letting one go is a challenging thing to do. But as an archer or, more precisely, a beginner, you need to focus and buy the one which suits you and your requirements. 

As we have reviewed only 3 sights with you, the only reason was to keep you from getting confused with too many options. As there are too many options, it’s a common human behavior that our head gets stuck. 

The options we shared with you are a go scenario for you. Pick only one from the 3, and you are ready to start your game where the best archery target sight which we recommend as an archer is:

  • CBE Engage hybrid 3 pin earns our vote of confidence as it is one of the most reliable, accurate, and all-in-the-package available in the market for beginners to pros. We admit that the price is higher, but it is a lifetime investment.

Which archery target sight did you choose? And what’s the reason behind it? Share your story with us?

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