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Best Compound Bow Sight for Target Shooting – Achieve the Maximum

When it comes to hunting, precision plays as much of a part in your performance as the quality of your bow sight. For a professional shooter,  you just cannot afford to make the incorrect decision with any archery equipment. If you are a beginner in the archery field, well then you must be overwhelmed with information. That’s we have chosen 4 of the best compound bow sights in the market to make your search a little easier. 

We have narrowed down each ideal compound bow sight with respect to their style, accuracy, and development to help you pick the one that best suits your needs. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes these compound bow sights the best!

Top 4 Compound Bow Sight for Target Shooting

Once you get your hands on the perfect bow sight, hitting the target will be a breeze. These compound bow sights not only perform exceptionally, some of the models such as the Truglo will not burn a hole in the pocket either!

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro – Best 3 Pin

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro - Best Compound Bow Sight for Target Shooting

Getting all the measurements and settings right while hunting is daunting even for seasoned archers. However, you do not have to look any further as the Trophy Ridge React Pro is a high-standard bow sight and is the best bang for your buck. 

Trophy Ridge React Pro is capable of making all the micro-adjustments on its own. You will not have to deal with the tedious tools of the competition-type bow sights. 

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment which assists in adjusting for wind and elevation seamlessly
  • Audio clicking helps in knowing how much you have adjusted without having to look
  • Fitted with an adjustment knob that will move all 5 pins at one time
  • Made with Aluminium which makes the bow extremely lightweight
  • React Technology has a mathematical accuracy
  • Super bright fiber optic pins for the utmost visibility 


  • Saves precious microseconds when hunting 
  • Making adjustments is complete hassle-free 
  • Eliminates the guesswork from the shooting process
  • Can automatically place all the pins at the optimal location


  • Instructions are ambiguous making it complicated for beginners to dial

In a nutshell, we recommend the Trophy Ridge due to its versatility and speed. The pressure to perform well lies in the heat of the moment and that is exactly when you can rely on the Trophy Ridge React Pro to support you with easy adjustments and non-existent movements. 

IQ Pro Hunter – Best for Deer Hunting

IQ Pro Hunter

We are constantly seeking a bow sight that goes above and beyond all the generic bells and whistles. The IQ Pro Hunter is a smart piece of equipment that fits the bill for durability and precision shooting without the frills. 

Engineers at IQ have stepped up their game with the Micro 5-Pin. With the IQ’s bright and slim pin blade, you will not have to worry about carrying a heavy bow sight and neither will you have to compromise on your shot. 

Key Features:

  • Material for the bow sight is Aluminum which makes it ultra light
  • Sight picture is clean owing to the thin pin fitted inside the bow sight
  • Supports tool-free micro-adjustments for wind and elevation


  • Shots are very well-balanced 
  • Extremely customizable with other mods
  • Bow can be extended to longer shots
  • Resilient and tiny pins 


  • Small bubble level

Our recommendation of the IQ is based on the quality features that bow sight offers at a reasonable price. If you are a backpack hunter who wants a light bow setup, the IQ Pro Hunter is ideal. Additionally, it will give you a good chance of winning competitions with the enhancement of form and technique it offers. 

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket Bow Sight – Best Single Pin

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket Bow Sight

As professional hunters, we know how minute the difference is between getting your shot off clean and frightening the prey. Truglo has created the optimum bow sight that will make sure you hit your target from any height or angle. 

Key Features:

  • Has a toolless sight so it can be fitted in place for Ground Shooting
  • Comes with pre-printed yardage tapes
  • Wrapped fiber is extra long and protected


  • Can axiomatically make amends for distances of up to 35 yards
  • Can fit any conventional compound bow


  • It does not work well with a bow that shoots more than 280 FPS

The best compound bow sight for Target Shooting provides the hunter with the advantage and Truglo does just that with its Pendulum Adjustment System. We recommend this bow sight 

HHA Sports Lite King Pin – Best under $100

HHA Sports Lite King Pin

Achieving the correct draw length every single time can be a challenge, particularly for beginners in archery.  Manufacturers of the HHA Sports Pin have made it possible to calibrate your pin with a simple turn. HHA Sports is the ultimate tool for hunters and tournament shooters. 

If you hunt with the HHA Sports Lite you get the experience of a premium compound bow sight for Target Shooting, as the bow has immense attention to detail. With that bow sight, the chances of making any mistakes are next to zero and you can hunt worry-free. 

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a fine-tuned dial which 
  • Comes with a dovetail arm and scope housing
  • Available in multiple sizes that will cover the target at various distances
  • Fitted with a mountable magnifier modification so can steady your shot
  • Made with Aluminium so that bow sight is durable 
  • One piece quivers can be mounted owing to the wheel-forward design
  • Speedy changes can be made between various arrows due to the interchangeable wheels.


  • Can adjust the pin to a distance of up to 100 yards ( ¼-yard accuracy)
  • You can dial in your shot from distance
  • Extremely versatile


  • When on the fly, the single pin can require some training to use

Overall, we believe the HH Sport Lite King Pin is one of the best compound bow sights for target shooting because it is loaded with features to make your archery journey uncomplicated and successful. With its vibrant pins, menial glare, and adjustable brightness, the HH Sport is a must-have.

Final Verdict:

In summary, from within the hoard of information discussed above, there is one compound bow sight that is the best for target shooting. Narrowing down the search for you even further, we have the ultimate suggestion for you. 

  • The Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro is our top choice as it has the most strength in terms of accuracy and performance 

Trophy Ridge React has been designed to have your back at every instance as it makes easy corrections and has the ability to make accurate adjustments at severe angles over long distances. 

If you still have any concerns or questions, we would love to hear about them in the comment section. 


Which one is the hardest bow to shoot?

Amongst the four types of bows, the Longbow is the most challenging to handle and shoot precisely. As the length of the bow increases, the weight of the draw enhances alongside. These bows needed significantly strong archers in warfare and offered deadly power. 

How far is a bow lethal?

Contemporary bowls have the ability to shoot arrows up to 400 yards at a speed that will surpass the 200 mile per hour mark. This bow is generally a short-range hunting tool. The degree of lethality of a bow is dependent on the distance. At a range of 30-40 yards, the arrow can pass through an animal. 

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