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Best Black Gold Bow Sights Available in the Market

When it comes to cutting-edge ideas and technology, Black Gold is the market leader. Every component of a black gold bow sight’s purpose is to function under any circumstance. You’ll be happy to own a Black Gold bow sight when it’s dark out when it’s run and gun time, or when you need to quickly alter your long-range shot.

In addition to being jam-packed with technology and advancements, Black Gold sights also offer the greatest support in the industry. Their absolute guarantee is straightforward, that is If a part belonging to the actual owner malfunctions for any cause, they’ll replace it or fix it immediately at no extra cost. This itself speaks volumes about their credibility.

All the black gold bow sights have advanced and innovative features making them stand out in such a competitive market. Some of the key features of black gold bow sights are listed below to give you an idea about the technological breakthroughs that black gold has achieved up till now so that you can invest in the best bow sights without giving it a second thought.

4 Best Black Gold Bow Sights:

Black Gold Pro Hunter Bow Sight

Pro hunter is one of the best bow sights you can get. Black Gold has taken all of its premium sight features and combined them with tons of newly advanced characteristics to make what they called black gold pro hunter sight. The new Black Gold Pro Sight offers a  huge micro-adjustability.  The adjustment nobs for the Black Gold Sight have been updated for ease of use and to include a “click” feature. 

Your windage and elevation settings as well as each individual pin all feature the new clicking adjustment. You get a bigger fibre optic housing with the Black Gold Pro, which increases the fibre’s exposure to daylight and raises the brightness of the images. The pin housing is deep, which provides the pins with extra security.

Key features:

  • It features newly added tapered Pro Pins with click micro adjustment and a super light base.
  • The rebuilt wing truss not only looks fantastic, but it also performs better. It now has a rapid-releasing twist-style knob that enables you to quickly remove your sight.
  • longer fiber optic housing increases the amount of sunlight that the fiber is exposed to and increases the brightness of the images
  • It features 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, and 1st and 3rd are micro-adjusted.
  • Windage and elevation also feature full-click adjustment


  • 3 axis adjustments
  • 54 included sight tapes 
  • Large optic fibre
  • Full-click micro adjustments


  • 2nd axis adjustment is a little tricky to perfect it

Black Gold Mountain Lite Archery Sight

The new Black Gold Mountain Lite sight with the dual indication system features a fresh look in addition to the renowned Black Gold Sights pins. In order to give you multiple yardage indications without shifting your sight, the new Black Gold Dual Indicator System delivers two separate pin indicators.

With the Mountain Light sight, you have a LOT of adjustment options. With the Mountain Lite’s sight housing, modifications are simple. By releasing the lock-down bolt, making the necessary adjustments, and then tightening the screw, the windage and elevation management can be changed.

Key features:

  • At only 8.26 ounces, the new Mountain Lite ML3 base is a smaller, lightweight base, making the Mountain Lite incredibly lightweight.
  • There are two distinct second-axis adjustments. The sight ring level is changed by the two hexagonal head screws on the right side of the orange ring, and the first is located immediately to the right of the sight tape. 
  • This black gold sight is compatible with almost every quiver in the market. The mounting is quicker and more convenient with the ML3 base.
  • The mountain lite pins are famous for their brightness and eradicating blur while hunting.
  • It features the best fibre optic housing for catching maximum sunlight for the pins.
  • The Mountain Lite sight has angled tape, second and third-axis adjustments, plus a huge selection of housing ring colours.


  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments
  • Best fibre optic housing
  • Lighter base
  • Compatible with all quivers
  • Brighter pins


  • 2nd axis screws are a little loose

Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

One of the lightest bow sights on the market, the Black Gold Rush bow sight is made of aluminium and only 5.6 ounces. It comes in anodized black or film-dipped camouflage. The Skycoil technology working in conjunction with the fibre optic’s photo chromatic coating is another feature that is sure to wow you.

The fibre optic emerges from the aluminium pin’s machined surface and wraps around the pin guard. The photochromic material that surrounds the skycoil alters its transparency depending on how much UV light comes into contact with it. It functions somewhat similarly to prescription eyewear that gets darker outside.  This will be really useful When photographing outside in the sun.

Key features:

  • The NEW X-Frame base is strong and lightweight, making it comfortable to carry with any kind of bow.
  • The level head side ring is easy to adjust, secure to use, and can easily fit on the top of the sight.
  • The photochromatic shell is high performing which changes colours quickly and is 80% tougher.
  • The fluorescent sight ring is interchangeable for fast and convenient alignment even in dim light conditions.
  • The innovative skycoil collects sunlight from the top for the best pin brightness.
  • Comes with an aluminium guard for added durability and protection of pins
  • The photochromic technology turns darker automatically in bright light to dim the pins.


  • Aluminium guard
  • Photochromic technology
  • Fast and easy fluorescent ring
  • Lightweight


  • Only for right handed orientation

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight

This is the mobile sight with three axes that are all movable. It has a photochromic shell and curved sight tape for the best pin intensity in any lighting. Yardage changes happen much more quickly, smoothly, and quietly. Quivers made of one piece work well with it. 54 pre-printed sight tapes are included in the complete package.

The black gold ascent verdict bow sight offers a variety of pin targeting positions and extreme flexibility. The 0.019 micro groove pins provide an unobstructed, clear targeting focus which is why they are liked by most hunters.

Key features:

  • This bow sight features multiple pin targeting points along with very distant flexibility.
  • The 0.019 micro groove pins give a clear targeting focus with minimum aiming obstruction.
  • The photochromatic shell is high-performing, which adapts to pin brightness in all light conditions for ideal pin clarity.
  • 1st and 2nd axis are not micro adjustable because of the accurate alignment of bow and sight, while the 3rd axis is micro adjustable.
  •  The dial of death characteristic allows you to dial to already determined yardages along with a single indicating needle.
  • 2X and 4X lenses are adaptable, making it convenient to see through the sight in dim lighting conditions.


  • 3 axis adjustments
  • Dial of death feature
  • 2X and 4x lenses available
  • 54 sight tapes included
  • Multiple pin targeting points


  • No pin adjustment marks on sight.


Black Gold is the industry leader when it comes to innovative concepts and technologies. The goal of a black gold bow sight’s every component is to always work at any conditions provided. They offer a unique warranty that If a part owned by the actual owner malfunctions for any reason, they’ll replace it or fix it right away at no additional cost. This alone says a lot about their integrity.

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